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How We Do It

"Success is a science; if you have the conditions you get the results." - Oscar Wilde

In the simplest terms, we aim to do three things for our clients:

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Minimize fiduciary risk
  • Improve participant outcomes

Identifying opportunities for improvement in these areas and then developing an effective and efficient plan to deliver results.

A Focus on Improving Outcomes

At SHA Retirement Group, our goal is to improve the outcomes of our clients’ retirement plans by designing a program that better prepares employees for retirement. Our consultative approach is designed to pursue excellence in all facets of retirement plan design assistance and investment monitoring. We implement a high standard of care while offering access to an appropriate mix of investment options, participant financial literacy, and appropriate metrics to measure the success of an organization’s retirement plan. Through our commitment to upholding a high fiduciary standard and acknowledging investment fiduciary status in writing, we seek to provide the client with confidence and minimize risk.

Benchmarking and Monitoring for Success

We seek to bring the best possible solutions to help transfer clients’ retirement plan objectives into a program that can be consistently measured to track ongoing improvement and promote participant success. We also closely manage plan providers to help minimize costs and maximize efficiencies and quality of service. This is accomplished by periodically analyzing and benchmarking provider fees and services and, if necessary, conducting a full-scope provider search. We also perform contract reviews on the client's behalf and negotiate pricing as necessary.

Financial Wellness

We believe it is important to ensure that participants appreciate an organization’s retirement plan and are on track for a successful outcome—paycheck replacement. We help employers improve the retirement readiness of their employees through thoughtful and impactful plan design and a participant engagement strategy we call Financial Elements.

Financial Elements is an employee financial wellness solution powered by people and amplified by technology.  More than half of Americans suffer from financial stress.  This program can allow employers to create lasting financial changes for their employees and improve their business by proactively improving the overall financial health of each employee by:  

  • Utilizing a 'human element' to provide proactive coaching and accountability to inspire behavior modification
  • Educating employees about how the financial elements work together to create financial wellness
  • Explaining how everyday financial decisions can impact each employee's long-term financial state
  • Real time plan level reporting Includes:
    • Periodic snapshot of organization wide progress
    • Participation activity highlights
    • Feedback loop and recommendations for improved engagement

Employees Stress About Money:

  • Financial stress is the #1 cause of stress-related illnesses1.
  • 24% higher healthcare costs in people who are stressed about finances2.

Impact to Your Business:

  • Recurring financial education helps reduce stress and healthcare costs among employees1.

1 Research Works: Partnership for Workplace Mental Health report, February 2009.
2 Higher Health Care Costs for Metabolic Syndrome Risk, Disabled World, September 2009.

Financial Stress

Investment Menus

Developing a menu that offers sufficient choice without overwhelming participants is a critical menu design attribute. Skilled active managers, indexed solutions, preservation of principal options, and asset allocation strategies are all components of a balanced menu. Through a prudent process of quantitative and qualitative analysis, we will help you select and monitor options that not only perform well, but fit well together to offer participants a consistently strong and diverse investment menu. And, we can work with you as a 3(21) investment fiduciary, or 3(38) investment manager.